Jonathan (Joc) Clark ‘09 & Janet Rechtman ’08

Jonathan (Joc) Clark ‘09 (GSLC, PhD) and Janet Rechtman ’08 (GSLC, PhD) ran into each other by chance at a Chico, California Farmers’ Market about eight years ago. They reconnected four years after Janet moved to Chico to be near family. As Janet’s Chico mentor, Joc has organized connections with like-minded consultants, local nonprofits, and most recently, the North Valley Community Foundation in Chico, California. With the Foundation, they helped organize and deliver LEAD; a week-long leadership development program focused on increasing collaboration and capacity building for nonprofit leaders.

They’ve partnered on several projects with local nonprofits focusing on leadership, change, and strategic planning. One of these organizations, CHAT, the Chico Housing Action Team, has been successful in providing housing for over 200 of the area’s formally unhoused residents. They are especially appreciative that Janet will be joining their Board of Directors soon. The two Dr. J’s plan to continue their collaboration for community leadership development.

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