Erica Holmes

Dr. Erica Holmes was featured in a recent round-table of leading psychology experts, discussing job prospects in psychology and the impact of the pandemic on the field. Dr. Holmes, who is Associate Program Chair and Director of the Psychological Trauma Studies Specialization in the MA in Clinical Psychology Program at Antioch University Los Angeles says in the interview that some of the positive impacts to come out of adapting to the pandemic “may be increased resilience and flexibility, broader thinking about career paths and professional roles, along with the development of new skills and techniques to use with their clients, and increased access to mental health services.” She thinks that the pandemic has revealed that there is a “shortage of culturally-aware, licensed therapists,” and she likes the prospects of people entering the field.

The piece, titled “Experts Weigh In On Current Job Market Trends” captured advice from fourteen different experts and was published on the website of Zippia, a job recruiting startup. Dr. Holmes further discussed the impact of telehealth during the pandemic and the way this will change the landscape of therapy over the next five years and beyond. Read the rest of her responses here.