Diane Gottleib ‘19

Diane Gottleib’s ‘19 (Los Angeles, MFA in Creative Writing) piece, “All Ablaze” appeared in the Geographies of Justice issue of About Place Journal.

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Harmony Kwiker ‘07

Harmony Kwiker ‘07 (Seattle, MA) has released her latest book, Align: Living and Loving from the True Self. In this remarkable exploration of the human condition, she provides a clear and comprehensive map to rediscovering how to live and love from the True Self, including how to come back to wholeness by accessing your subtle energy body, how to embody your alignment in all of your relationships and how to explore sexual intimacy in a sacred way. Kwiker is a psychotherapist, author, and professor at Naropa University, where she teaches transpersonal counseling. She is also the founder of the Institute

CFT Faculty and Students Present at Conference

Three of New England’s MA in Couple and Family Therapy (CFT) faculty, as well as seven CFT doctoral students, have been invited to present their workshop, “An Exploration of Deliberate Practice in Online and In-person Graduate Education” at the upcoming International Conference on e-Learning and Innovative Pedagogies which will be held in Malta. Presenters will include Dr. Lucille Byno, Dr. Kristi Harrison, Dr. Markie Twist, Jessica Fountas, Alisha Bachman, Lydia P. Perry, Noemi Correa, Danielle Samuel, and Dawn Wilson. This workshop presentation is based on an innovative deliberate practice model that was used by CFT faculty, as well as doctoral

Carol V. Davis

Carol V. Davis, Poet and Adjunct Faculty in the Los Angeles Undergraduate program’s Creative Writing concentration, has published her fourth poetry collection, Below Zero (Stephen F. Austin University Press).   In Below Zero, Davis explores Siberia, an area in Russia largely unknown to Americans. Flying into Ulan-Ude, capital of Buryatia Republic, where she had never been, she mutters a prayer that her plane will be met. On a trip to Lake Baikal, she and her colleagues drive past trees strung with Tibetan prayer flags and stop to drop rubles in the lap of a Buddha.  In Irkutsk, when her host dips

Huijun “Nikki” Li

Huijun “Nikki” Li, a current Dance and Movement Therapy student in New England, was selected to participate in Circle of Security training sponsored by the Boston Public Health Commission. She has completed the training and became a Registered Circle of Security Parenting facilitator. The Circle of Security® Parenting™ program is an attachment-based parenting education program that helps parents better understand and build on their relationships with their children. This program supports parents to understand their child’s emotional world by learning to read emotional needs, support their child’s ability to successfully manage emotions, enhance the development of their child’s self-esteem, and

Jude Bergkamp ’98, ’10

Jude Bergkamp ’98, ’10 (Seattle, MA in Psychology, PsyD), Chair and Core Faculty of Seattle’s PsyD program, gave two formal presentations at the National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology 2023 Mid-Winter Conference in January. These lectures focused on how to effectively guide doctoral psychology students to maintain emotional regulation and intellectual humility in their future pursuits. Read more from Bergkamp’s presentation here.

Greta Creech ’21

Greta Creech ’21 (GSLC, PhD) accepted a tenure-track position as an Assistant Professor for Intelligence and Security Studies at The Citadel. Her teaching and research areas will be information operations in intelligence and leadership in national security. Learn more about Creech and read her dissertation Holding on to Who They Are: Pathways for Variations in Response to Toxic Workplace Behavior Among U.S. Intelligence Officers here.

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