David M. Kolb ’87

David M. Kolb ’87 (Los Angeles, MA in Clinical Psychology) has transitioned from counseling to corporate training of management and communication skills. He also published his book, Leading from the InsideOUT, where he identified seven capacities necessary to effectively lead. His book is a guide for developing authentic leadership.

“In my work and in writing this book, I identified the seven capacities necessary to effectively lead,” said Kolb. “I used my personal experience, professional education, and clinical experience to identify the internal elements that are required to effectively lead others. I am most appreciative to my professors at Antioch who diligently peeled back the layers of the material so I could see myself, and humanity, in ways that could be understood and remedied.”

As a teacher and coach, his focus is on enhancing interaction between people—especially for those in leadership. Executives who are looking for excellence in the way they lead seek him out as coach and consultant. His clients span a range of industries including healthcare, technology, energy, and finance. He has also worked with educational and nonprofit organizations. Even though he is most familiar with the people side of the business, he helps clients balance their economic business necessities with the very real needs of the people actually performing the work.