Colin MacKenzie Mitchell ’18

Colin MacKenzie Mitchell (Santa Barbara, MFA) “The Laundronauts: A Potentially Untrue Tale Based on Actual Events,” an original, scripted, podcast adventure series, written, directed, and produced by inaugural MFA in Writing and Contemporary Media alum, Colin MacKenzie Mitchell, has been officially cast.

The idea for the story was first conceived during Mitchell’s time at AUSB and is being produced in association with I Heart Media. Recording for The Laundronauts is set for January 2021, and the 10-episode series is set to drop in March of the same year. The show is an epic multi-generational fantasy adventure and is geared towards parents and children alike. It will feature over a dozen original songs written by Mitchell and his collaborator David McKeever. Notable cast members include Ed Asner, John Cameron Mitchell, Alison Fraser, Max Mitchell, Kate Prendergast, and Stephen Kearin.