CFT Faculty and Students Present at Conference

Three of New England’s MA in Couple and Family Therapy (CFT) faculty, as well as seven CFT doctoral students, have been invited to present their workshop, “An Exploration of Deliberate Practice in Online and In-person Graduate Education” at the upcoming International Conference on e-Learning and Innovative Pedagogies which will be held in Malta. Presenters will include Dr. Lucille Byno, Dr. Kristi Harrison, Dr. Markie Twist, Jessica Fountas, Alisha Bachman, Lydia P. Perry, Noemi Correa, Marissa Zerby, Danielle Samuel, and Dawn Wilson.

This workshop presentation is based on an innovative deliberate practice model that was used by CFT faculty, as well as doctoral and master’s students during the fall 2022 residency, highlighting clinical work and systemic supervision. Deliberate practice is a systematic way to improve the skills students already have and then scaffold them to extend their range of skills through a series of role plays where they get immediate feedback and opportunities to do the specific skill over.    The group is also conducting ongoing research on this model of student learning and engagement. Though they all would love to travel to beautiful Malta to share their work, most will look forward to presenting virtually at the international conference this coming April.