Caryn Park

Antioch Seattle School of Education teaching faculty Dr. Caryn Park was featured in a CBC story “How to talk to kids about race, and why you should start now.” 

Caryn Park, part of the education faculty at Antioch University Seattle, said many parents of young children have had “that moment”: their kids ask about another’s skin colour out loud or point to someone who looks different from them in the grocery line. Rather than “shush” them, she says to “acknowledge” those differences, “cultivate curiosity” and explain the benefits of plurality.

“We tend to be so alarmed by children’s responses that don’t follow social norms, that we want to shut it down because we think they’re not ready,” said Park, who gives workshops to preschool teachers about anti-bias education.

“You’re there to support. You’re not there to have all the answers.”

–CBC News · Posted: Jun 04, 2020