Carrie Lynn Hawthorne Publishes Two Stories

Carrie Lynn Hawthorne smiling in front of a field of flowers

Carrie Lynn Hawthorne ’22 (Online, BA), a current student in the MFA program at our Los Angeles campus, has had two stories published in literary magazines in the last few months. 

Published by Prose Online, “To the Core” is about caring for her six-year-old nephew when he was dying of brain cancer. The second story, published by Reckon Review, is “Seventeen, Locked Up Again,” a peek inside an adolescent psych ward on Christmas morning. Both stories are pieces of creative nonfiction and based on the author’s life.

Hawthorne is a writer and mother from Los Angeles. Her work has been featured in numerous literary magazines and anthologies. In addition, she is a writer for Antioch’s Common Thread magazine. For links to additional publications, visit her website at