Anna K. Scotti’s Story Selected for Inclusion in Best Mystery Stories

Book Jacket for The Best Mystery Stories of the Year 2024. It is a teal blue with an bird on it.

Anna K. Scotti ’06 (Los Angeles, MFA) had her story, “It’s Not Even Past” selected for inclusion in The Best Mystery Stories of the Year 2024 (Mysterious Press). This is the second time Scotti’s work has been included. The guest editor who selected her story is Anthony Horowitz, best-selling author of James Bond and Alex Rider novels and screenplays. Best Mysteries will be available in hardback, paperback, Kindle, and audiobook formats in September.

Scotti is a poet, writer, teacher, and public speaker. In 2020, she won the Paterson Prize for Books for Young People Grade 7-12 for her novella Big and Bad, along with Beth Kephart’s Cloud Hopper. Her first book of poems, Bewildered by All This Broken Sky, was released by Lightscatter Press in 2021 and was the winner of the Lightscatter Press Prize for 2020.