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Message from the Chancellor on the Chauvin Verdict

Today the rule of law and our system of justice prevailed finding Derek Chauvin guilty on all three counts for the murder of George Floyd. We have finally seen a measure of accountability for excessive and deadly force by police officers against citizens of color. But no amount of justice will bring George Floyd, or Daunte Wright, Freddie Gray, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, or countless others back to their families. We have much more to do as individuals, as a University, and as a nation to fight against the systemic racism and social injustice that have been the bloody stain on the American experiment in democracy since 1619.

Please be assured that we remain acutely focused on our work in antiracism, building greater understanding of the ways in which our society is infected with systemic racism, and collectively working toward solutions. It is vitally important work. We are each accountable for delivering on this commitment.


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William R. Groves, JD

William R. Groves, JD

The 22nd President/Chancellor of Antioch University, Groves has served as Chancellor since 2016 and has focused on three priorities; to reclaim and advance its reputation as an innovator in higher education; to grow programmatically and geographically in ways that will allow Antioch to reach its full potential to advance social, economic, and environmental justice; and to advance and promote the University’s 170 year-long history and heritage around social justice and democracy building.
Antioch University

Since our founding 1852, Antioch University has remained on the forefront of social justice, inclusion, and equality – regardless of ethnicity, gender, creed, orientation, focus of study, or ability.

Antiochians actively reflect these shared values to inspire positive change in the world. Common Thread is where we document the stories that showcase our communities actions, so the change we work for can be shared widely.  

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