Chancellor’s Message | 2021

Chancellor - William Groves

This magazine is one of the ways that we gather as the Antioch community: to celebrate the accomplishments of our alumni, to remember those we have lost, and to share what our University is doing in this important time. Thank you for spending some time to read it. I hope that you feel as proud as I do to be an Antiochian and to be a part of the stories told here.

I want to take a moment to recognize the importance of you, our alumni, to Antioch University. Across the country and elsewhere around the globe, I see alumni remaining connected to their alma mater. Some return as students, bringing their Antiochian spirit into classrooms as they work toward higher degrees. Other alumni now work for us as faculty and staff, and we are always lucky to have someone working in the University who from day one understands what makes this place so special. Particularly inspiring to me are those alumni who studied at campuses that have since closed (we once had over 32 campuses) and who have nonetheless found ways to stay close with their classmates—and with the broader project of Antioch. Of course the central way alumni support Antioch are more practical: by giving feedback and advice, by staying connected to the programs from which they graduated, by speaking to prospective students, by offering current students internship opportunities, and, crucially, by providing the financial support that makes our continued innovation and leadership possible. The more that our alumni can participate and stay involved with today’s Antioch University, the stronger we will be for years to come.

One other way our alumni help write the story of Antioch is quite literal—this entire Antioch Alumni Magazine was written by talented writers who are either Antioch alumni or current students. They have created a powerful document chronicling the many ways our alumni carry our shared values back into the wider world. From Antiochians working across the nation in addiction treatment to our many alumni poet laureates, from a progressive political telemarketer to a crusading mayoral candidate in Seattle, and from a racial equality leader in Maine to the Nobel laureate and former president of Timor-Leste, José Ramos-Horta, it’s clear that the way Antioch University wins victories for humanity is through the victories of our alumni. And the stories here are but a tiny sliver of the countless good works that I know you each are involved in. Thank you for what you are doing today.

I hope that you enjoy this magazine as much as I have. And I hope that reading it reinforces your feeling that you are part of a cohesive and important community: the community of Antioch University. It is our honor to count you as part of it.


Chancellors Signature

William R. Groves, JD