Joye And Sandi

Connections Beyond Graduation

Students studying in Antioch’s PhD in Leadership and Change are encouraged to form friendships and connections with their peers. In part this is good practice for developing leaders…

Julie Nataas' racecar

Life at 280 MPH

To say that Julie Nataas ’18, an Indiana-based NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster driver, leads a busy life, would be an understatement…

"What the Psychic Said" book cover

Four Antiochian Poet Laureates

When Grace Cavalieri taught at Antioch-Columbia in the early ’70s, it was a heady time to be a poet, and to be a part of Antioch. This campus—centered in the newly-opened, planned community of Columbia, situated between Baltimore and Washington, DC—had been proposed in 1969 and opened its doors in 1970…

Alumni Magazine 2021 cover

A Champion for Peace

For decades, José Ramos-Horta labored for the freedom of his country. His journey led to the UN, to Antioch, and even to the Nobel Peace Prize. Nothing was as good as going home.