Gregory K. Finkelstein

Gregory K. Finkelstein Joins Board of Governors

Gregory K. Finkelstein joined the Antioch University Board of Governors in October 2020.  He currently chairs the Board’s newly formed Enrollment and Marketing Committee.

Common Thread interviewed Greg in February about his motivation for joining Antioch and what he hopes to contribute over the coming years.

Q:  What about Antioch University do you find most compelling and intriguing?

Greg:  I particularly appreciate the three pillars of Antioch (self, community, and action) as they each speak to me specifically. I am a firm believer in the importance of self-awareness, self-care, and understanding oneself. I strongly support and care for those in my local and professional community. And, I am a firm believer in getting involved and creating momentum to help carry oneself and others forward.

Q:  I am sure you have many responsibilities currently in your life. What has drawn you to serve on the Board of Governors of Antioch University?

Greg:  I enjoyed a working relationship with Antioch previously and gained an appreciation for the institution.  Several colleagues for whom I hold tremendous respect have gotten involved at Antioch and that further drew me to the institution.

Q:  What contributions do you hope to bring as a Board member to leading Antioch University?

Greg:  I am hopeful that my experience in the ed-tech and university partnership industries will provide Antioch access to my network and learnings.

Q:  What do you hope to learn as a Board member about leading universities in today’s complicated environment?

Greg:  I have already been immensely impressed with Antioch’s commitment to anti-racism, inclusion, and its focus on fairness and support, and respect for all colleagues (staff, faculty, and students). It has been refreshing to experience the steps taken and the work involved. I am excited to continue to learn and grow as an individual and a professional.

Q:  If I were to do this interview with you five years from now, what would you like to be able to say about Antioch University? About your service on the Board?

Greg:  First, I’d love to say that I am still involved! Moreover, I hope that Antioch has achieved the next generation of its objectives and is poised to reach even greater and loftier goals. I would hope that I have played some part in supporting those achievements and the planning for future endeavors.

Q:  What would you like our readers to know about you that they might not know from your brief bio statement?

Greg:  There are many who enjoy the spotlight; I am just not one of them. As such, the question is more difficult for someone like me than possibly with others. I hope our readers come to learn that I am a good-hearted person who is devoutly committed to the care and support of those around me. That I firmly believe in the connectedness of the universe and in the idea that doing a good deed is its own reward.

BIO Statement:

Gregory Finkelstein runs his own consulting practice, Talent Development, focused on advising colleges, universities and education technology companies. He is also a Senior Advisor to Tyton Partners in their new Center for Higher Education Transformation focused upon bringing innovative growth, affiliation, and capital solutions to colleges and universities.

Prior to that, Greg held executive leadership roles at two publicly traded ed-tech companies – Zovio (NASDAQ – ZVO) and John Wiley and Sons (NYSE – JWA). Previously, Greg was a co-founder of two market-leading businesses – a prominent online program management business (OPM), Deltak, and a first-generation bootcamp business named The Beacon Institute. In total, Greg and the firms that he led have worked with over 150 colleges and universities serving tens of thousands of those schools’ students and thousands of faculty members. Greg began his career as a network engineer for several companies including a national consortium of network integration firms named USConnect. Greg received his Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) from Tulane University.

Greg has always been an active participant in social and community efforts serving various non-profit organizations in and around Orlando including Central Florida Hillel and the Jewish Academy of Orlando. Greg and his wife Cheryl have been honored for their consistent and continued support of the Orlando community. His son, Elijah, is a sophomore at Northwestern University and his daughter, Emily,  is a senior at a local public high school.


Laurien Alexandre, PhD is Special Advisor to the Chancellor and Provost of Antioch University’s Graduate School of Leadership and Change. Since its founding in 1852, Antioch University has stayed at the forefront of social justice, inclusion, and equality for all people, regardless of ethnicity, gender, creed, orientation, or ability.


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