Graduate School of Leadership and Change Welcomes New Faculty and Scholars in Residence

Antioch University is thrilled to focus on building an amazing future for our Graduate School of Leadership and Change (GSLC) by announcing exciting news regarding new incoming faculty. Full interviews with each of these amazing scholar-practitioners will be featured in GSLC’s upcoming newsletters, The Antiochian Leader.

First, starting Summer 2020, Dr. Beth Mabry will be joining as a full-time Professor of Leadership and Change. Beth brings incredible skills and expertise that both complement and contribute to strengthening the curriculum and expanding faculty capacities to serve our students. As a sociologist, Beth brings the societal lens to the framing of issues of community and organization leadership and change, and all that comes with the fundamentally multidisciplinary focus on social theory, social policies and processes, and human services. Additionally, she has tremendous capacity in both quantitative and qualitative methods, including large database analysis. Of particular interest, her own recent work examines issues of aging and intergenerational relationships, as well as conflict in systems of race, class, gender, and identity,   Beth has been teaching graduate and undergraduate courses for over 20 years, with lots of experience chairing and dissertations, mentoring doctoral students and teaching in both on-site and hybrid program models. Beth is so excited about this new adventure in her professional life that she will actually start working with faculty in late Spring as we plan the upcoming year’s residencies, proseminars, and rich educational offerings.

Also, starting Summer 2020, Dr. Lemuel Watson will be joining as the GSLC’s very first Senior Scholar Fellow. Lem will bring his years of wisdom and experience in higher education, non-profit, and entrepreneurship to GLSC while he continues in his role as Provost Professor at the School of Education at the University of Indiana-Bloomington.  As a scholar, researcher, academic leader and public servant, Lem’s interests are broad and wide including innovation, equity and interdisciplinarity in higher education, aspects of race, gender, identity and otherness, and authentic leadership and mindfulness. Lem’s involvement with GSLC in the coming year will include work on several dissertations, strategic engagement with workshops and discussion groups, and exploration of expanding GSLC’s degree and non-degree opportunities and partnerships.

Finally, starting in Summer 2021, Dr. Harriet Schwartz will be joining as Professor of Relational Practice and Higher Education. Harriet brings her extraordinary passion, multidisciplinary expertise and fierce commitment to leadership for the common good through her teaching, research, scholarship and public engagement. While she worked in students affairs for the first part of her academic career, Harriet’s expertise currently focuses on relational cultural theory and its applications to teaching, learning and leadership, issues of identity, cultural humility and social responsibility, and topics such as intellectual mattering and radical empathy. Harriet has tremendous capacity to teach not only these subjects but a wide range of qualitative methods, such as critical incident technique and grounded theory. Harriet brings a deep love of teaching and learning, and since earning her PhD in Leadership and Change more than a decade ago, she has remained involved in the program as an affiliate faculty member facilitating research workshops and mentoring doctoral students. In the coming year, we hope to increase Harriet’s involvement as an affiliate until she joins us full-time in Summer 2021.