GSLC Faculty Talks Deep Learning in a Disorienting World

Graduate School of Leadership and Change Professor of Education Studies, Dr. Jon Wergin will share insights and details about his new book Deep Learning in a Disorienting World (Cambridge University Press, 2020) in an upcoming webinar hosted by The International Leadership Association. 
The webinar, set for January 29th, will be moderated by Antioch University’s PhD in Leadership and Change esteemed alumna Dr. Martha Miser and will cover the book’s coverage of recent research in learning theory, social psychology, politics, and the arts to show how a deep learning mindset can be developed in both oneself and others. 
Participants will learn: 
  • How cognitive traps keep us from challenging our worldviews;
  • How putting ourselves and others in a space of “constructive disorientation” encourages the adaptation of other perspectives;
  • How constructive disorientation can be enhanced by nurturing mindfulness, learning with others, employing politics effectively, engaging aesthetic dimensions, and encouraging dialectical thinking; and
  • How creating conditions of constructive disorientation in an organization can lead to deep learning.
Register and gather full details regarding this engaging opportunity here!