Faculty Presentation at 2019 International Family Therapy Association World Family Therapy Congress

Denzel Jones with poster at 2019 International Family Therapy Association World Family Therapy CongressApplied Psychology faculty, Denzel Jones, PhD, recently presented at the 2019 International Family Therapy Association World Family Therapy Congress in Scotland. His study, Black Emerging Adults’ Experiences Of Ethnic-Racial Socialization Messages from Diverse Sources, focuses on “social-contextual influences (i.e. four unique types of ethnic-racial socialization messages from diverse ethnic-racial socialization agents) on Black ethnic-racial identity development among emerging adults over time. Results indicate that although parents, adult family members, and siblings were the most influential socialization agents during adolescence, they became less influential during emerging adulthood as peers gained more influence. Additionally, across all developmental periods, emerging adults reported the most prominent messages they received were egalitarian and racial pride messages and the least prominent messages they received were negative messages.”

Jones also co-presented a poster, Answering the Call of Duty: Violent Video Games and Family Therapy, focused on interactions between violent video games, aggression, differentiation, and felonious behavior.

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