Adonia Lugo Image

Dr. Lugo Presents on The Open Streets Model

Dr. Adonia Lugo, MA in Urban Sustainability (USMA) Interim Chair and Teaching Faculty, gave two presentations on the open streets model at Oregon State University (OSU) in Corvallis, Oregon in late February 2020.

“OSU has been developing an innovative approach to community-based instruction and research using the ‘ciclovía’ or open streets model,” said Lugo. “I was honored to share my anthropological work on open streets as a guest speaker on campus and in Corvallis.”

Lugo, an anthropologist and national leader in the field of mobility justice, was the keynote speaker Thursday, February 27 at a community event called “The Open Streets Classroom: A University-Community Partnership for the Public Good.” In the forum, faculty and students joined members of the Corvallis wider community to create community-university collaborations in the context of Open Streets Corvallis.

Tangible projects, actions, and volunteer/internship opportunities emerged from this event. Participants worked in small teams around the following topics: health, neighborhood engagement, engineering and design, inclusion and representation, public literacy/civic discourse, and sustainability.

Lugo gave a second lecture on the OSU campus on Friday, February 28 titled “Ethnography as a Tool for Social Change: Lessons from Mobility Justice.”