Jude Bergkamp Receives Distinguished Psychologist of the Year Award

Dr. Jude BergkampJude Bergkamp, PsyD, Antioch University Seattle core faculty and PsyD program chair, was honored with the Distinguished Psychologist of the Year award from the Washington State Psychological Association at the WSPA Fall Convention in October. 

The Distinguished Psychologist of the Year award recognizes professionals who have made significant contributions to the field of psychology, whether through research, applied psychology in professional practice, or public interest. Bergkamp was selected for his impressive academic, forensic, and research contributions to the areas of social justice and psychology.

Over the course of his career, Bergkamp has advocated for the less Dr. Bergkamp's awardfortunate and for the marginalized. Among his many accomplishments, he was a research fellow with the American Psychological Association, where he was one of nine national fellows tasked with presenting research on minority health disparities, mental health parity, healthcare reform, and the role of psychology in public policy. He also received extensive education and training in forensics and has conducted research on how to integrate cultural competency into forensic evaluations. 

Currently, Bergkamp is involved in ongoing research regarding cultural competency training both in clinical psychology education as well as consultation with state agencies on implementing cultural competency in large organizations. He is also fostering a project in collaboration with Puget Sound Law to provide exceptional hardship evaluations for immigrants facing deportation.