DMT hosts large turnout of Alumni at 2019 ADTA Annual Conference

Thirty-four alumni and faculty from the AUNE Dance/Movement Therapy program gathered at a special reception during the 54th Annual Conference of the American Dance Therapy Association October 20, 2019 in Miami, Florida.  The event was co-sponsored by the AUNE DMT program and the Office of Institutional Advancement.

Faculty in attendance were Dr. Tomoyo Kawano, Program Director; Susan Loman, Past Program Director; Chevon Stewart, Core Faculty; Kara Serasis ’16, Adjunct Faculty; Karen Linafelter  ’13, Adjunct Faculty; Danielle Fitzpatrick, Adjunct Faculty and ADTA Board of Directors/Committee on Approval.

ADTA Board of Directors alums of AUNE include Margaret Migliorati ‘95, ADTA Board President; Ambria Cunningham ’15, ADTA Board Secretary; Kristin Pollock ’01, ADTA Board of Directors/Government Affairs.

Other AUNE DMT graduates attending: Naomi Arad-Brocme ’08; Michelle Joubert ’06; Hannah Lamberto ’18; Kendall Grzyboski ’16; Candy Lo ’12; Concetta Troskie ’14; Brandi Reinhard-Ferrese ’13; Rachel Baker ’14; Suzanne Mueller ’14; Rayni Collins ’13; Luanne Sberna ’87; Rachel Burton ‘119; Cara Arcuru ’94; Brittni Cleland ’19; Lauren Harrison ’16; Serena Hdsell ’04; Cindy Davies ’05; Briann Martin ’13; Jenny Cobuzzi ’13; Jenny Lee ’02; Lizzy Snow’16; Genevieve Dunn ’17; Carin Torp ’95; Monica Fischbach ’96; Angela Wiley ’00; Lily Hughes ’18.