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Christie Kaaland is Guest Editor of “Knowledge Quest”

Head shot of Christie KaalandChristie Kaaland, Core Faculty in the School of Education, was invited by the American Association of School Librarians, a division of the American Library Association to be the guest editor of the March-April 2020 issue of the organization’s professional journal, Knowledge Quest.

“Nationally, Washington has become a bellwether state with regard to the teaming of school librarians and legislators,” said Kaaland. “Many have come to dispel previous stereotypes of librarians and libraries and realize how transformed library programs have become with invaluable delivery of curation and information management skills, digital citizenship curriculum, and equitable access to resources and services to students.”

Proactive, Ubiquitous, Fierce, Collaborative School Library Advocacy ArticleKaaland further supported the theme for this issue 48(4), “Engaging in Viral School Library Advocacy,” writing an article, “The Many ‘Legs’ of School Library Legislative Advocacy” detailing hers and others’ work with legislators to ensure equitable access to Washington’s public school students through legislative action. In her article, Kaaland reports how over a decade of legislative action have produced 8 bills in the legislature that address access to school library’ resources.

Read the Kaaland’s guest column “Proactive, Ubiquitous, Fierce, Collaborative School Library Advocacy” and her article “The Many ‘Legs’ of School Library Legislative Advocacy” here.

Best Online MBA in Sustainability Programs 2024 Badge

MBA In Sustainability Awarded Top Honors by

Antioch University’s Master of Business Administration in Sustainability (MBA) was ranked as one of the top programs by on its list of Best Online MBA in Sustainability Degree Programs, ranking tenth in “Academic Influence” for the year 2024.

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