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Boswell (AUNE) and Knott (AUM) Present at OhioLINK Summit 2019

Cathy Boswell, Library Systems Administrator at AUNE, and Dana Knott, Library Director and Core Faculty at AUM, presented at the OhioLINK Summit 2019 as part of the panel “ILS: A Pragmatic View.”

Cathy and Dana discussed how Antioch University serves an increasingly mobile patron base, with online students and those who attend residencies at five different delivery locations. When the University decided to move to one consolidated library serving all locations and switch to OCLC’s Worldshare Management System (WMS), Antioch Midwest found itself with two library systems. Cathy and Dana also shared how Midwest uses both WMS and Innovative’s Sierra to provide the most effective and efficient service to its patrons and how Antioch University utilizes WMS to unite very geographically disparate users and librarians.