AUS Faculty Emeritus Awarded Nautilus Book Award

Antioch University Seattle Faculty Emeritus, Kate Davies, MA, DPhil,  is the 2018 Nautilus Book Award Grand Winner for her book, Intrinsic Hope: Living courageously in Troubled Times. The Nautilus awards select “Better Books For a Better World” in various categories.

Davies’ book, categorized as self-help, is listed as highly recommended. A note in the Nautilus press release states, “Kate Davies has provided us a book to use as a catalyst to spark authentic conversation with family, friends and various community groups.”

“Intrinsic hope understands that our state of mind doesn’t have to depend on whether our hopes are fulfilled or not,” reads an excerpt from the book. “We can choose to be positive whatever happens. This is not about pretending that everything is OK and putting on a smiley face. It is about rolling up our sleeves and getting on with it. As an educator, David Orr declared “Hope is a verb with its sleeves rolled up.” In this way, intrinsic hope is based on the conviction that we have enough and know enough to take action. Unlike extrinsic hope, it doesn’t dwell in the land of dissatisfaction, discontent, and inaction; it lives in the land of action, possibility, and potential.”