Antioch University Education Professor Releases New Book on Grief

A new book by Antioch professor Dr. Torin Finser focuses on coping with grief and loss in school communities.

The False Door by Torin Finser, Book coverDr. Torin Finser of Antioch University’s Education Department has released his latest book for educators: The False Door Between Life and Death: Supporting Grieving Students, Teachers, and Parents. Through the use of myths, anecdotes, and psychology, this book explores the grieving process in school communities when a child, teacher, or parent dies. Dr. Finser offers insights into guiding children of all ages through the grieving process and provides stories of school communities helping each other heal after a tragedy.

One reviewer writes:

“Dr. Finser’s slim volume of myths and ideas surrounding death and loss takes the reader on a breathtakingly intimate journey through the grieving process and allows for space to reflect on loss from many angles. Perfect as a resource or a quick read, this book can easily fill a small but important space in any person’s library…The False Door is a great resource for parents and teachers of all kinds to have on hand before a crisis strikes; and something to return to as often as necessary to help the healing process within their school.”

Dr. Finser has been an educator for over four decades and has pioneered teaching methods for educator development. For nine years, he served as the Chair of Antioch University New England’s Education Department, and he is a founder of the Center for Anthroposophy. He is the author of over twelve books, including School as a Journey: The Eight-Year Odyssey of a Waldorf Teacher and His Class, which is the bestselling book on Waldorf Education in the world.

The False Door is available through SteinerBooks.

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