Faculty Andrea Tate Publishes and Encourages Students to Publish

Andrea TateAffiliate Faculty Andrea Tate received her BA in Liberal Studies from AUSB, her MFA in Creative Writing and a Post MFA in teaching Creative Writing from AULA. She recently added one more notch to her academic belt with an MA in English from Southern New Hampshire University. Since completing her degrees Andrea has advanced from adjunct to affiliate faculty and has been published in several magazines and journals including Hippocampus Literary Magazine, Huffington Post, Role/Reboot Magazine, Nailed, and most recently in Angels Flight Literary West which gives an insight to her perseverance as an educator and a writer. Andrea manages AUSB’s magazine Odyssey Online internship where she inspires undergraduates and alumni to publish social justice articles. Currently, Andrea is completing her collection of published essays-Fixated.

In teaching her most recent AUSB Undergraduate Capstone course, Andrea supported several activism campaigns and encouraged students Alison Prestige, Ashley Stevens, Ashely Benton, and Corrine Rink to publish their debut articles in Odyssey Online.