Alumnus and Experienced Educator Set to Launch Holistic Independent High School

For over two decades PhD in Leadership and Change alumnus Dr. Randy Bartlett has been change making in education and non-profit sectors. That said, he is on the horizon of launching his most comprehensive learning opportunity yet.

This fall Dr. Bartlett will open City of Bridges High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. City of Bridges High School is a independent, progressive, holistic, 9th -12th grade high school which believes that school should be transformational for the students and which graduates young adults who are prepared to assert their agency in the world, who have the lived-experience, knowledge and skills to follow their passions, and who are dedicated to living with empathy, justice, peace, compassion, and joy in order to transform the world into a measurably more positive place.

The school’s conception arose from the notion that youth voice is critical to building society of the future and the belief in education that not only equips students to be academically prepared, but also prepared to become adults who believe in justice and have the skills to make the world a better place. Through personalized integrated curriculum, shared governance, and participatory community, City of Bridges aims to bring the four core values of knowledge, experience, justice, and community to life.

City of Bridges High School is now accepting applications for its founding students and families. Learn more about the school, its curriculum, learning community members, and stay up-to-date with news here!