Alumna Highlights the Powerful Concepts of Cultural Pivoting and Contextual Creativity

Dr. Jeanine Soucie has published her dissertation entitled, Contextual Creativity and the Experience of Cultural Pivoting in the Workplace. The study explores the lived experience of foreign-born professional highly skilled employees living in the United States working for U.S.-centric organizations and the impact the interplay between their ethnic culture and the organization’s culture has had on their creativity in the workplace. The research offers a model of the newly identified concept of “cultural pivoting.” This term describes the importance and impact of having access to several cultural practices and finding behaviors, attitudes, and discourses that best suit the situation and/or best solves the problem at hand. Navigating variations of cultural pivoting are indications of what Dr. Soucie calls contextual creativity.

Dr. Soucie’s work and research focus are on culture – both organizational and ethnic – and creativity. As a consultant and facilitator, she provides analysis and recommendations on the employee experience, employee engagement, creativity, diversity and inclusion, organization development, and learning experiences in the workplace. She has a background in corporate learning and employee engagement/experience and has worked with or for Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies in multiple industries.