Adaptive Leadership in Uncertain Times: A Note from Provost Alexandre

It is hard for me to get my head around the fact that in such a few short weeks so much in our daily lives, country and world seems to have been upended. I imagine that you are also facing dramatic shifts – albeit hopefully temporary – in work, home, community. This too will pass.

In the midst of such unprecedented change, I am comforted to know that we are a caring, global doctoral learning community. And I wanted you to know that as well. I recognize that this is not a typical life moment when one takes a pause, looks ahead, and begins making new plans.  Just thinking ahead to tomorrow is a far as many of us can go. Thankfully, our innovative delivery model is designed in such a way that all student services and academic operations are entirely remotely available. And we have a lot of flexibility with residencies depending on whatever the next few months bring. There is deep learning and cohort connectedness despite the miles of distance. I reflect on the fact that we teach adaptive leadership and individual/community resilience and now we must live it.

Please know we are here to serve you and to answer any of your questions and concerns over the next few months. I’m always available for a zoom call or email. And, if you have any questions please feel comfortable to reach out ([email protected]; 937-769-1341).

In peace, Laurien

Laurien Alexandre, PhD
Antioch University
Provost, Graduate School of  Leadership and Change