Shelly Milne

Shelly Milne

Shelly Milne, Newly Appointed (and First) Teacher Librarian on the Professional Educator’s Standards Board

Shelly Milne, an alumna of the Library Media Endorsement and a teacher-librarian of Cashmere Middle School, WA was recently appointed by Governor Jay Inslee, as the newest member of the state’s educational decision-making body, Professional Educator Standards Board.

Shelly is currently a second national board-certified teacher-librarian. In her library work, she is a strong advocate for the importance of always keeping the library open and accessible. For example, when asked to close the library and cover another teacher’s class when no substitute was available, Milne responded, “No, I am going to stay with the class I prepared to teach because I am doing important work in the library.”

In her post on the Stories from School: From Practice to Policy blog, Milne went on to advocate for the importance of school library work. “This attitude that library media is an extra add-on that isn’t as important as core classes is something I would like to address as a teacher-leader and earning my Library Media Certification will help me with this task.”

Going forward, Milne will be an important part of Washington state’s educational policy and political decision-making through her work on the standards board.