MFA Alum Mark Gozonsky Featured in “Los Angeles Times”

Mark Gozonsky standing in front of a lemon tree

Mark Gozonsky ‘14 (Los Angeles, MFA) published an article in the Los Angeles Times entitled “How to Experience L.A. Like a Poet,” in which he gives practical advice to being more mindful in our approach to viewing everyday points of interest.

In the article, Gozonsky walks around Los Angeles with several local poets to see what they find interesting about their own neighborhoods. Among the advice was to try to imagine the lives of your neighbors, to feel language as music, and to always be open to transformation. On his website,, he says, “Writing is a way for me to get out of my head and into parks, tennis courts, baseball fields, bookstores, record stores, goat farms and taquerias.”

Mark Gozonsky is a writer living in Mar Vista, CA. He contributes freelance features to The Los Angeles Times. His work has also appeared in the Sun and the Santa Monica Review, and in “Best American Sports Writing 2020.” He is the author of “The Gift is to the Giver: Reflections on a 21st Century Decade.”