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GSLC Launches New Certificates in its Professional Certificate Series

Professional learning programs build on a 170-year-old tradition of creative and just approaches to leadership and change.

Antioch’s Graduate School of Leadership & Change (GSLC) has added two new programs to its fully online Professional Certificate Series: Advancing Conscious Leadership and Building the Resilient Organization. Students will learn creative and just approaches to leadership and change over three 3-week-long courses. The certificates offer the interdisciplinary wisdom, critical leadership skills, and bold action focus that the Graduate School shares in its PhD in Leadership & Change. The new certificates join the recently launched Leading for Inclusion & Racial Justice and Leading Transformative Change programs. The start date for the first cycle of the courses is February 8, 2022, and the second cycle begins on September 6, 2022.

The Advancing Conscious Leadership Certificate is designed to help emerging and senior leaders cultivate a conscious leadership acumen and competence needed to meet many 21st-century business, social, and public sector challenges. Its tri-lens framework focuses on building authentic aptitude, relational competence, and adaptive capability. The framework encourages leadership practice that is bold, creative, and responsible. The certificate learning is informed by advances in neuroscience and how they impact conscious leadership development and practice. The three courses in this certificate include Foundations of Conscious Leadership, Neuroscience & Conscious Leadership, and  Leading Trustful and Creative Organizations .

“With increasing demands across sectors for responsible, creative, and decisive actions on various fronts, we need leaders who approach their work from a conscious mindset,” said Dr. Aqeel Tirmizi, Professor of Leadership, Management & Service. “Conscious leadership is deliberately anchored around higher purpose and inspires action that is courageous, innovative, and practical.”

Building the Resilient Organization Certificate offers an approach to organizational resilience based upon the principles of “deep learning,” a mindset that embraces challenges to existing worldviews. A deep learning mindset sees environmental turbulence and the disorientation it creates not as a distraction but as a creative force for constructive change. The certificate will examine how to develop a deep learning mindset at three levels: individual, team, and the entire organization. Courses in this certificate include Leadership Resilience through Deep Learning, High Performance Teams:  Resilience and Creativity, and Building Resilient Organizational Cultures.

“In today’s volatile environment, organizations must prepare for continuous and unpredictable disruption,” said Dr. Jon Wergin, Professor of Education. “While the COVID pandemic is the most dramatic example, other disruptions—advances in technology, economic and political instability, and climate change, to name three—require that organizations become more consciously resilient.  In this certificate, participants will learn how to build resilience at three levels: the individual, the team, and the entire organization.”

This program and our other certificates can be customized to meet individual, team, and organization development needs. Please contact Dr. Aqeel Tirmizi at [email protected] with inquiries or any additional information regarding customized programs.