A group of women standing in front of a banner promoting unity and empowerment.

GSLC Faculty and Alums Showcase Leadership in South Africa 

PhD in Leadership and Change alums Drs. Sara Barry, Catherine Chege, Carolyn Love, Rachel Roberts, Pamela Viscione, and Sharon Wamble-King gathered at Stellenbosch University in Stellenbosch, South Africa with Antioch Graduate School of Leadership and Change faculty Dr. Lize Booysen for the Gender, Work, and Organization conference entitled, Marginalized Gender Identities: How can Intellectual Activism Transform Work and Organization? 


“A Decolonized Discussion: An Afrocentric Performance of Leadership by African Diasporic Women”

Dr. Sharon Warmble-King

“Africa to Latin America Women Entrepreneurship Nervous Condition: The Feminist Challenge of Colonialism, Poverty & Freedom in the Developing World: A New Movement? How African Female Entrepreneurship Can Change Leadership Stereotypes of Females and Improve the Status of Women in Africa – Lessons from Mothers and Daughters in Kenya”

Dr. Catherine Chege

“Black Women Solutionaires: Resilience, Love, and Intellectual Activism”

Dr. Carolyn Love

“Black Women in Leadership: Invisible in Mainstream Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Research, Literature, and Practice”

Dr. Pamela Viscione

“Navigating Gendered and Racialized-Gendered Dynamics in Entering Public Education Executive Leadership: Lessons from Women Seeking the Public School Superintendency in the United States” 

Dr. Rachel Roberts


“The conference highlighted the importance of creating a platform for women to share their experiences, challenges, and successes in leadership roles. It confirmed the need for more women in leadership positions and the importance of supporting and empowering women to take on these roles. Additionally, the conference emphasized the significance of addressing gender biases and stereotypes that hinder women’s progress in leadership, and the importance of creating inclusive and supportive environments for women to thrive. Overall, the conference served as a catalyst for change and inspired participants to continue advocating for gender equality in leadership positions….the bonus was the beautiful location where the conference was held.”

Dr. Catherine Chege

 “While in South Africa I visited the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art. There was an exhibit produced by youth which expressed their emotions about life in SA. It was a powerful experience to listen to the voices of youth expressed through different art mediums after listening to panel discussions about the work/ life challenges on Black women in the townships and private sector.”

Dr. Carolyn Love

“Attending my first international academic conference as a new practitioner-scholar was an inspirational experience. Being surrounded by academics and students passionately engaged in scholarship aimed at advancing gender justice and uplifting marginalized identities filled me with hope and energy. The vigorous intellectual activism on display at the conference demonstrated the tremendous potential to spark innovative thinking and real-world solutions to address complex gender-related challenges we face globally. This conference highlighted the power of an intellectual community united by a commitment to positive change.”

Dr. Sharon Wamble-King

“It was great to build community within Antioch and beyond.”

Dr. Pam Viscione

 “The opportunity to join a global forum focused on race, gender, and leadership was affirming. The collective energy at the conference was positive and highlighted the impact of intellectual activism. I absolutely loved the opportunity to convene in beautiful South Africa with brilliant thinkers and dear friends. It was amazing.”

Dr. Rachel Roberts

By Dr. Rachel Roberts