Faculty Caryn Park Co-Edited Special Issue of Journal of “Young Exceptional Children”

Caryn Parks, Faculty AU (photo of)Teaching Faculty in the School of Education Caryn Park and UW faculty Margaret Beneke co-edited a special issue of the journal “Young Exceptional Children” (YEC) from “The Division of Exceptional Children” in June 2019. The issue focuses on anti-bias curriculum and critical praxis in early childhood contexts. They also co-authored an article in the issue titled “An Inclusive, Anti-Bias Framework for Teaching and Learning about Race with Young Children.”

The YEC describes it in the following way:
“The Special Issue, guest edited by Maggie Beneke and Caryn Park, highlights innovative practices and frameworks that create contexts for young children with or at risk for disability labels to not only access, but to meaningfully engage in social justice curriculum. Topics include: preparing teachers to advance equity; talking about race with young children; facilitating an anti-ableism curriculum; and organizing for justice in the early childhood workforce. Learn more at https://journals.sagepub.com/home/yec

In addition, Park and Benecke wrote that they “were grateful to authors Mariana Souto-Manning, Ayesha Rabadi-Raol, Deejay Robinson, Aura Perez, Jordan Taitingfong, Priya Lalvani, Jess Bacs, and Megan Pamela Ruth Madison for all their important contributions!!!”