Dr. Salvador Trevino Presents Keynote at the 24th Annual Hispanic Leadership Conference

Conference focuses on mental health and illness in an effort to combat stigma and start conversations.

Dr. Salvador Trevino, PsyD faculty, provided a special didactic, interactive seminar on multiple culturally informed Salvador Trevinostrategies and interventions illustrating diagnostic skills and effective interventions essential to working with Latino Hispanic/Latino families and immigrants. Along with this workshop for mental health professionals, social workers and counselors, Dr. Trevino also presented the conference keynote address titled, “The Latino Soul in Grief: Tales of Hope and Resilience.”

“The needs are typically reflected in the problems that they’re having. Right now, for example, there is a very low participation of immigrants in public health,” Treviño said in an article in The Morning Journal. “And the resources are available, but why is it that Latinos are not going to take advantage of these services.”

The conference took place on Saturday, April 27, 2019 at the Lorain County Community College’s Spitzer Conference Center in Elyria, Ohio. This year marked the 24th Annual Hispanic Leadership Conference, which is hosted by the Coalition for Hispanic Issues & Progress (CHIP) in collaboration almost 60 local and state non-profit, Hispanic and Hispanic serving organizations. Over the years more than 14,000 individuals representing hundreds of organizations have attended this annual event.

The Hispanic Leadership Conference serves as a forum where civic leaders, educators, students, social workers, non-profit organizations, union and corporate representatives, Hispanic/Latino advocacy groups and concerned citizens, can exchange views, network, and review information provided, enabling us all to better understand the major unresolved issues affecting the Hispanic/Latino and greater community. The annual theme of the conference has always focused on “Abriendo Puertas” (Opening Doors) and this year’s subtitle “Awakening to Reality” centers on Mental Health for both youth and adults.

Dr. Trevino has more than 40 years experience in clinical work with Latino immigrants and families and speaks on cultural diversity, the impact of historical trauma on Latino behavioral health, the psychology of racism and social justice from a psychoanalytical perspective on a national level.