Kirsten Grimstad

Dr. Kirsten Grimstad’s “The New Woman’s Survival Catalog” Featured in Multiple Publications

The New Woman's Survival CatalogUndergraduate Studies Department Co-Chair Kirsten Grimstad, PhD, with Susan Rennie, is the co-author of The New Woman’s Survival Catalog, a seminal survey of Second Wave feminist efforts. Originally published in 1973, it was recently republished in a facsimile edition by Primary Information, a publisher specializing in artist’s books.

“The book required thousands of miles of travel, and its effects on the authors lasted for decades,” wrote Senior Staff Writer Anna Merlan, who sat down with Grimstad and Rennie to discuss the making of The New Woman’s Survival Catalog.

“Two feminists climb into a rental car, drive 13,000 miles, and walk into a bar. They also walked into communes, bookstores, a round barn built by an all-women’s farming collective, a cooperative devoted to non-sexist children’s literature, an IHOP, and several dozen impromptu house parties. By the end of it, they had a book which doubled as a sprawling, energetic, joyful map of the feminist movement of the early 1970s.”

Read the full story by Merlan, Feminist Zines Have Been Around Longer Than You Thought—Here’s Where One Began, on hereThe New Woman’s Survival Catalog was also featured in BOMB Online,  ARTnewsHuck Online. To purchase a copy of The New Woman’s Survival Catalog visit here.