Dance/Movement Therapy Program Receives ADTA Accreditation Renewal

Movement therapy classThe Committee on Approval for the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) has approved Antioch’s renewal application for Six-Year Approval, which deems the program in compliance with the ADTA standards for education and clinical training for the period of 2019-2025. The Application was submitted by Dr. Tomoyo Kawano, Program Director of the Dance/Movement Therapy program (DMT) at Antioch New England.

The DMT program is a 63-64-credit program of coursework and clinical training in dance/ movement therapy. It spans two and a half to three years, during which students explore verbal, nonverbal, and creative approaches to therapy. The program has a deep and ongoing commitment to cultural diversity/inclusion/transformation and primacy of body, and is focused around critical arts-based inquiry. Its connection to the philosophies of the larger university environment serve to strengthen the program even further.

The DMT faculty at AU New England’s MA in Dance/Movement Therapy program are thrilled to have our on-campus, certificate, and low residency programs renewed for another six years,” said Kawano. She feels that the overwhelmingly positive comments made by the committee acknowledge and reflect DMT faculty’s diligence and dedication to provide a rigorous embodied education in a nurturing, developmental environment.

Kawano cited Antioch alum and adjunct clinical faculty Danielle Fitzpatrick as a key player in visioning and putting together the robust and comprehensive self-study. “As a first-year program director, I would not be writing this response if it were not for her knowledge and meticulous organizational and leadership skills,” Kawano said. She expressed additional thanks to recently retired Susan Loman’s years of dedication (particularly with regard to the Kestenberg Movement Profile and other approaches to movement observation and assessment), as well as DMT program faculty and larger Applied Psychology department faculty, students, and administrators.

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