AUSB Adds Highly Anticipated Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Antioch University Santa Barbara is proud to offer a newly designed Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. This degree aims to serve the needs of the student body and will provide students with an opportunity to pursue a degree centered around psychological theory. This new degree will also provide the applied skills that will enhance their ability to obtain jobs in the field.

“A lot of people were involved in designing this degree. It was a collaboration with Santa Barbara City College as well as our psychology faculty at Antioch. It was important for us to make sure the expertise was behind the curriculum,” said Dawn Murray, PhD.

Murray, who serves as chair of Antioch University Santa Barbara’s Undergraduate Studies program, says that adding the degree was largely in response to student demands. The new program will open up future opportunities for prospective and current students.

“Previously, we only offered a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with a concentration in psychology, but students were looking for more. This new degree adds another option for students,” Murray notes.

The curriculum was not only designed for student’s immediate needs, but also with an eye for their long-term goals. The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology creates a bridge, specifically for low-income and underserved students, to enter into professional and graduate studies.

“Many students come to AUSB with the intent of pursuing professions and graduate work within the field of mental health,” said Kevin J. McDonald, Undergraduate Student Advisor. “Applied Psychology has been one of our most popular concentrations, and the students really enjoy our psychology courses and faculty. Many students kept taking psychology courses well beyond their requirements for the concentration, so it makes sense to offer the option of majoring in psychology.”

Students who complete the degree will be able to pursue a wide range of possibilities in terms of career choices and graduate work, including clinical psychology, social work or counseling. After graduating with a BA in Psychology, students will also be able to further their education by entering a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology program.

Antioch’s new BA in Psychology will also be open to Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) students who participate in the 3 +1 program. The 3 +1 program, a collaboration between SBCC and AUSB, allows students from SBCC to transfer to AUSB campus during their final semester. According to Santa Barbara City College, there was a pressing need and interest in Antioch’s new program.

“There’s already a lot of current students who want to switch their degree,” said Murray. “The program is already generating a lot of outside interest. People are excited. We are excited.”