CIty Impact Lab

AULA Hosts City Impact Lab on Campus

CIty Impact LabAntioch University Los Angeles was proud to host the July 2019 meeting of City Impact Lab, featuring speaker Michael Lawson, President & CEO of the Los Angeles Urban League.

Mr. Lawson spoke about the difference a devotion to integrity has made throughout his professional life. Lab attendees then participated in an interactive workshop. They discussed the real-world challenges they have faced in trying to maintain their own integrity, and then shared the values on which they are, as individuals and as a community, unwilling to compromise.

“Michael was a truly inspiring presence,” said Bob Lazzarini, a member of the AULA faculty has been a part of the City Impact Lab’s monthly meetings since their inception more than four years ago. “His personal story and our subsequent discussions with colleagues engaged in various types of civic impact work across Los Angeles was a booster rocket launching us into the rest of our day.”

City Impact Lab Meeting