bright graffiti on a dark blue brick building that reads "Trust your struggle"

An Internal Writing Process

Think about writing my paper. 

  • Tantrum – But whyyyyy do we have to write this? We don’t wannna. 

Me: We have a goal and completing this paper can help us achieve it. It’ll be okay. 

Read the assignment sheet. 

  • Stress – *super-fast* We have to do thisandthisandthisandthis…!!

Me: *breathe* We’re on top of it. We’ve done this before; we can do it again. We’re good enough.

Create an outline

  • Overload – Nope. Too much. Must take break. Can’t.

Me: Hmm, we’ve done a lot. Maybe a break could be beneficial. Can we do anything to set up for tomorrow? 

Take a break overnight.

Time to continue writing. 

  • Tantrum – Uuuuugh. Again?? Whyyy? 

Me: Yep. Yesterday, we set it up so it will be super easy to start today. We can do it. 

Reread outline and start developing supporting points

  • Time – Nope. There’s not enough time. There’s too much to do. We can’t do this. Abort!

Me: *Breathe* We’d like to complete this as much as we can to make our goal. Can we write something, so we’ve at least started? 

Start writing. 

  • Critic – All of this is terrible. It makes no sense. Sentence structure? Atrocious. Others certainly have higher expectations.

Me: We’ve gotten this far; our work can’t be that bad. We know what we’re doing. Keep going. 

Continue writing. 

  • Overload – We’ve done enough. *eyelids close, back aches, head bobs* Break time?

Me: It’s getting late. Our body is telling us it needs some sleep. Can Will we come back to this later? 

Repeat previous steps in various unpredictable order. 

I learn this process becomes faster with practice.
I discover the difficulties of having multiple stressors talking simultaneously.
I notice and respond faster as I navigate my internal writing process.