Works by MAEd Alumna Tracy Rector Featured in SAM Exhibit

Works by filmmaker, curator, educator, community organizer, co-founder of Longhouse Media, and AUS MAEd alumna Tracy Rector are currently on display in the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). The gallery exhibit, “Double Exposure: Edward S. Curtis, Marianne Nicolson, Tracy Rector, Will Wilson” is on display now, and runs through September 9, 2018.

Rector’s films, “Ch’aak’ S’aagi” (the first virtual-reality video by a Native artist) and “Clearwater: People of the Salish Sea” are on view as part of the museum exhibit. Each film has an enriched viewing environment in the gallery, created by Rector, full of shells, tools, and cultural creations by her fellow artists.

In addition, Rector also recently collaborated with SAM in conjunction with the “Double Exposure” exhibition for “Through Her Eyes: Indigenous Shorts,” a free evening of short films curated by Rector and Longhouse Media, highlighting “cutting edge films by Native woman directors.” In Rector’s words, “Indigenous media adds a new voice to the debate on Native, First Nations, and Indigenous issues. By sharing the perspectives of an all-female slate of directors, we are emphasizing the leadership roles that Indigenous women have held since time immemorial.”

For more information about “Double Exposure: Edward S. Curtis, Marianne Nicolson, Tracy Rector, Will Wilson,” including a link to buy tickets:

For Tracy Rector’s 2017 alumni profile:

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