What exactly DO students think about AUNE?

What exactly DO students think about Antioch University New England? Thanks to the Office of Alumni Relations’s apples-for-students raffle we now know. The office welcomed new students by giving out over eleven cases of free apples from local grower Alyson’s Orchard. Students were invited at that time to answer the questions: How does AUNE inspire you? and: What word describes your AUNE experience?

The student responses (the list is included below) were wonderful and the alumni relations team sends thanks to all who participated.

We all hope that the inspiration students find here at AUNE will continue throughout their studies and beyond. Also, congratulations to Shoshana Fagen, a third-year PsyD student, for winning the $50 VISA gift card!

Here are the responses.

How does AUNE inspire you?

* By making me feel like I’ve found home.

* By modeling, as an institution, positive initiatives for change.

* [AUNE] makes me realize that change can happen.

* My foot has fallen onto the path I will be treading the rest of my life, and I couldn’t be happier.

* By the amazing expertise and enthusiasm of teachers here and being surrounded by others eager to learn!

* By the great people that create a network of professional mentors and inspiring friends.

* In the Waldorf program, AUNE works with pedagogical theory and practices that are outside the mainstream and often spoken of in spiritual or intuitive terms. The faculty at AUNE brings great academic discipline and intellectual rigor to this study, alongside their own devotion and deep commitment to the subject matter. They bring a delicate balance between intuitive knowledge and intellectual understanding that allows for deeper and freer study than I have experienced at any other institution, including my undergraduate experience at an Ivy League School!

* In the way it brings like-minded people together to support and encourage each other.

* It collectively recognizes the importance of DOING SOMETHING about the various crises we face. A lot of people don’t, which is discouraging. AUNE does, which means I’ve got help.

* It inspires me to share knowledge and experiences with others on an informal basis through open communication.

* It teaches ideas that are on the cutting edge of education. In the Waldorf program, the educators inspire you to become the best self-actualized and spiritual person you can be for the children. I believe the children deserve my best!

* It’s a peaceful environment with people who are passionate about the same things.

* People helping people.

* The Commitment to social justice and empowering us to be who we are.

* The motivated faculty.

* The original artwork in the promotional materials reminds me of the power of that which is uniquely created non-replicable and original, and undeniably inspiring.

* The people and their stories.

* By being a mecca for idealism, for bettering ourselves, for preparing us to serve others.

* The reflective approach and culture.

* The World Needs You Now!

* To achieve my goals.

* To be a better global citizen by the example of many other dedicated alumni, staff and faculty.

* To become a better scientist and more aware of my surroundings.

* To create a stronger foundation of knowledge and experience in the Environmental Education field.

* To dig down deep.

* To embrace an education as a wonderful, bottomless well, and it is up to me to keep descending deeper and deeper.

* To get involved.

* To get wild, get real, and give back.

* To grow, learn, and constantly work to better the community around me.

* To see social and personal change as interconnected and to always strive to become what I am truly capable of becoming.

* [AUNE’s] Warm-hearted staff.

* With its amazing network of people connected to “doing good”. Every step through the doors leads to some source of information and inspiration.

* With its experiential learning.

* With its innovative programs, systems thinking, and focus on career preparedness.

* With its social ambition.

With the artistic, inspiring teachers in the Waldorf program.

What word describes your AUNE experience?

* Alive — Because Antioch teaches the whole human being, by integrating and “alivening” all of my faculties. Here I am not just a mind to feed, but a whole being to grow.

* Amazing

* Anxious — I want the years to go by fast so I can inspire the high school students to make environmental changes.

* Awakening — Because I believe this is the 1st time in my life I am able to integrate all of my skills and talents and share them with my community.

* Awesome — Every day is a new experience.

* Balance

* Challenging (2) Because I have been expected to work hard to gain more knowledge and skills and to go above and beyond.

* Community (2)

* Complete

* Crisp

* Engaging

* Enlightening — Because Antioch has helped me to reach my goal of attaining higher education and made it enjoyable in the process. I feel like I am finally becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be.

* Enriching

* Exciting — Looking forward to learning new things about the mental health profession.

* Exhilarating — My AUNE experience has been both wonderfully invigorating and overwhelming, and exhilarating–it encompasses both extremes.

* Expanding — I am expanding my understanding of the world, my understanding of myself, and my opportunities to give to life!

* Experiential

* Eye-opening

* Fantastic! Great classes and wonderful people

* Friendly

* Fulfilling

* Growth (3)

* Helpful

* Human — People know and help each other.

* Idealistic

* Impel

* Incongruent

* Inspired — By the support and excellence of professors.

* Inspiring (4) So many people doing so many excellent things in this world/ I’ve been dragging my feet on going back to school for 3 years because I thought I was too far out to get back into college, but I see Antioch is different./ Classes are fun and exciting and make me want to go out and do good!

* Integrated (2)

* Intense and provoking — Because it has been quite a journey.

* Learning

* Limitless — I’m learning I can do anything in this moment of my life/education.

* New (first year student just starting).

* Opportunity — Antioch has given me the opportunity to combine various streams of educational philosophy and accreditation in both Waldorf and public school systems.

* Pivotal

* Playful

* Positive — Because it has pushed me forward towards my career. I have learned a lot and met wonderful people.

* Powerful — Learn about self and others.

* Question making

* Refreshing

* Renewal

* Resonance — Because I feel that my core is what matters here.

* Stimulating

* Surprising

* Transformational — I have grown in so many ways here. My learning experience has given a deeper knowledge and understanding of myself.

* Transformative (2) Because of all I have learned.

* Unabashed

* Very Natural

* Welcoming (2) Because everyone is trying to live together/because everyone is so warm.

* Wholesome

* Wonder (2)


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Susan M. Quigley, PsyD and Elaine F. Campbell, PsyD, both graduated from Antioch New England’s Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program in 1999. They supported each other through their studies and collaborated on their doctoral dissertations. Over the years they’ve maintained a professional exchange and friendship that is a testament to its beginnings at Antioch.

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