Torin Finser’s Books Go International

Several of the books written by Torin Finser, chair of the AUNE Department of Education and a speaker and author well-known throughout the Waldorf community, are being translated into other languages.

School Renewal  will soon come out in Spanish and Portuguese;  two chapters of Organizational Integrity  will also be available in Spanish for a January workshop Torin will give in Mexico. School as a Journey will also be published in Portuguese in time for Torin’s speaking engagement in Sao Paulo, Brazil, next July.  Chinese translations of Organizational Integrity and School as a Journey are in the works, along with a translation of School as a Journey into Farsi by an AUNE Waldorf student, Leila Alemi.

With globalization and the general interconnectedness of the world, Waldorf is becoming highly international, with schools in more than 100 countries, said Torin, also a founding member of the Center for Anthroposophy. There’s also a deep thirst for alternative education.

As Torin’s 22-year career as a teacher and a writer has flowered, so has AUNE’s Waldorf program. AUNE is one of the most recognized places for Waldorf teacher education in the English speaking world, he says.

Torin’s eighth book, A Second Classroom? Parent-Teacher Relationship in the Waldorf School, will be published next spring.

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