Three Veteran Faculty Retire from AUNE

Three long-time members of Antioch University New England’s faculty are retiring this summer. Between them, Ron LaBrusciano, Bill Griffith, and Tom Wessels have taught for a total of more than eighty years.

Ron LaBrusciano has taught in AUNE’s Department of Education since 1987. After earning a master’s and a doctorate in education, he saw the Integrated Day approach in action while volunteering and interning at the Convent of the Sacred Heart in Greenwich, Connecticut. There, he worked some of the luminaries of the movement who came from England.

“To think that I can still hold and communicate the ideals of those important figures [from the education reform movements of the 1960s and early ’70s] is so important to me,” Ron said. “Our students are so wonderful. That’s the hardest part of leaving—losing the students and their idealism, the real idealism and energy.”

Ron has served as internship coordinator, placing more than 100 students a year in internships. He helped start an alumni support group that is still going strong after twelve years. He plans to work with children in schools through volunteering and arts residencies, teach a few art classes at AUNE, and work on his old house and barns in Marlboro, Vermont.

Bill Griffith, professor of management, retired from the Department of Management after twenty-four years of service. He was sometimes called “Dr. Dr. Bill” because he holds two PhDs—in philosophy and psychology. He also taught in two other departments: Applied Psychology, and Environmental Studies, and was core faculty for Interdisciplinary Studies.

He is a psychologist, coach, and consultant in independent practice in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Tom Wessels, core faculty in the Department of Environmental Studies, is retiring after thirty-four years of teaching. Tom has conducted landscape level workshops throughout the United States for more than thirty years and written several books, including his latest, Forest Forensics: A Field Guide to Reading the Forested Landscape.

Tom began working as an adjunct at AUNE in 1978 and became full-time in 1992. The Environmental Biology program was started, with Tom as director, in 1993. In 2007, he and William Ginsberg founded the Ginsberg Wessels Scholarship Fund.

Tom has plans to write three books, and will still teach intensives and field study trips as professor emeritus.

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