Thomas Hulslander, PsyD ’15

Alumnus Uses Antioch Education to Tackle the Mental Health Challenges of the Elderly

As the Director of Adult Services at the Greater Nashua Mental Health Center, AUNE PsyD Alumnus, Thomas Hulslander, has to supervise a wide variety of clinicians and he credits his Antioch education for providing him with the skills necessary to succeed in that kind of milieu: “We employ many undergraduate level providers— case managers and functional support providers, for example. These staff members—and even some masters level folks—have not received the social justice perspective in their education, and it shows up in individual and group supervision. With my training in both MFT and Clinical Psych at Antioch, I am able to bring this perspective to the staff and to enhance awareness.”

He wrote and produced two original albums of music in his twenties and still dabbles in art, but it’s his DIY projects in and around his beloved upper Nashua antique house that speak volumes about his current chosen vocation.

His studies at Antioch were focused on understanding the experience of the aging and how that experience intersects with the way the elderly manage their healthcare. As Hulslander puts it, “I highlighted the generally negative social discourse on aging in the United States, which is often characterized by themes of marginalization and stagnation, and I advocated for a more developmental view.”

Now a thriving member within that community, he hopes that the recent trends in his field continue: “I read an article recently saying that more and more research was being done on psychodynamic therapy and that results were showing it to be as effective if not more so in some cases than CBT. As one who considers his work to be interpersonal psychodynamic, I’d like to see this line of research continue.”

His advice for the next generation of Antiochians: “I would think long and hard about the financial pros and cons, especially with the current administration in DC. The PSLF program is my saving grace, but who knows how long the program will last.”

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