Learning from Other’s Experiences

“When I got into the teaching business, I thought I could do as good a job as the current administration, or better. But I was lacking two things a master’s degree and experience.”

Thomas Ferenc, MEd ’02 decided to test the waters with a class at Antioch University New England and at another more traditional college. “My courses at Antioch were very hands-on. At (the other school), I learned that I was still able to memorize dissociated facts, but like most adult learners, if I didn’t apply what I was learning, it didn’t mean much. I considered my decision to commit to Antioch; a very wise investment in my future.”

Tom says that the experience he got at AUNE was as important as his degree. “Even now, I’ll sit in a meeting where I have sixty faculty coming to me with all kinds of issues: curriculum, assessment, relationships, discipline. I can offer them options for working out their issues, and similar experiences. Some of these experiences are mine, and some come from my classmates in Organization & Management. There was a direct link between what we were learning in class all weekend, and our work in the weeks that followed. We used the time together as a laboratory. It changed the way I think. That’s what I learned at Antioch.”

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