Susan Nero

The MANM Susan Nero Scholarship Fund

This past September the Master of Arts in Nonprofit Management program (MANM) announced the establishment of a need-based scholarship fund in honor of beloved faculty member Susan Nero, who is beginning a phased retirement after 38 years at AULA. The program, which is in its fifth year running in its current format, was developed as a focusing and refinement of the 20+ year running MA in Organizational Management program (MAOM). The focus was shifted to nonprofit management specifically, based on the high percentage of students going to work in the nonprofit sector after graduating from the MAOM program.

Any new student enrolling in the program will be eligible to apply for assistance from the Susan Nero Scholarship Fund. Research shows that one in three students admitted to the program, who have been accepted based on their qualifications and potential for success in the field, choose not to attend due to financial considerations. The fund is intended to alleviate some of that pressure and enable more students to enroll.

The goal for the first round of fundraising is $38,000, in honor of the number of years Susan Nero has been with the university. David Norgard, the new chair of the MANM program, feels confident that they will achieve the goal, and likely surpass it. “Funds raised will be used for direct student support each year,” he said. “Donors can be assured that their donations will go to a student who is entering or enrolled in the program at the time.” The finale event for the fundraising campaign will be held in January or February of 2019, and scholarships will be available for students entering in September of the same year.

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