Professor Susan Loman Teaches Two Kestenberg Movement Profile Workshops in Europe

Susan Loman, core faculty and full professor in the Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling Program at Antioch University New England, led two Kestenberg Movement Profile (KMP) workshops in Europe this summer.  An introductory workshop on KMP took place from June 13 to 14 at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk, England. She facilitated an intermediate KMP course from July 30 to August 2 at the European Center for Dance Therapy in Munich, Germany.

Susan Loman (center in purple) at her June KMP workshop in England with about half of the participants. Photo credit: I-wei Yu-KMP

Dr. Judith Silberpfennig Kestenberg, a psychoanalyst specializing in child development and the emotional state of Holocaust survivors and their children, developed the KMP, a comprehensive system for identifying psychological, developmental, emotional, cognitive and global health/imbalance through movement observation, notation and interpretation. Loman studied and worked under Kestenberg for eight years.

The first introductory workshop explained ways to use the tool to analyze movement patterns through developmental, psychological, and creative perspectives.

The second workshop focused on advanced KMP skills.  Participants reviewed KMP concepts, notation and diagramming. They became more facile with interpretation of the KMP and applied it to clinical cases. The class observed clinical movements, identified KMP themes and movements, and suggested potential interventions.

Both workshops brought together participants from around the world to discuss developmental movement in education, therapy, and the arts.

Loman earned a master of arts in Dance/Movement Therapy from Goddard College, and is a board-certified member of the American Dance Therapy Association. She is a National Certified Counselor, and served as co-editor of the American Journal of Dance Therapy (2011-2014) and as the chair of the Education Committee for the American Dance Therapy Association (1995 – 1999). She served on the editorial board of The Arts in Psychotherapy (1996-2011) and directed the Creative Art Therapy Department at Billings Hospital’s psychiatric unit. She worked with infants, toddlers, and parents at the Center for Parents and Children, and also worked with adults at Trenton Psychiatric Hospital. Loman is an expert on the KMP system. She has chaired four conferences on the KMP. She has written numerous articles on the subject and co-edited three books  including The Meaning of Movement: Developmental and Clinical Perspectives of the Kestenberg Movement Profile. She taught the system at the Laban/Bartenieff Institute for Movement Studies in New York City for 14 years. She has lectured and conducted KMP workshops in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Argentina, England, Scotland, South Korea and the Netherlands, as well as throughout the United States. She currently teaches the KMP system at Antioch University New England.



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