Support the Movement | AUNE’s Annual Dance Concert

Students and faculty in the Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling Program (DMT) program entertained audiences with original choreography and parodies in their annual dance concert during performances on April 22, 23, and 24.

spring concert

“This was such a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed collaborating with others in the DMT program and loved being able to share my passion for dance with the Antioch community,” said Heather Waters, a first year DMT student. “There was such a variety in the pieces that we’re presented. Each one had its own personality.”

Audience members were entertained by the concert which featured a combination of different performance styles, and included dancing, singing, videos, and live music.

According to Grace Johnson, a first-year DMT student, the audience is a key element for the live performance.

“After you prepare and practice for so long, the missing piece for the dance to truly become itself happens when the audience receives the performance.”

Some of pieces in the concert included:

  • Support The Movement
  • Rivers and Rounds
  • Revolution of Love
  • Celebrating Life’s Colors
  • Girl Power
  • The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  • We Can Only Take So Much
  • Week 1, Second Semester, Third Year

This event was free with donations benefiting Arts Alive!, a nonprofit organization that brings stakeholders together to promote, advance, and leverage the vibrant art scene of the Monadnock region.


Counseling and Collaboration in Western Massachusetts

Susan M. Quigley, PsyD and Elaine F. Campbell, PsyD, both graduated from Antioch New England’s Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program in 1999. They supported each other through their studies and collaborated on their doctoral dissertations. Over the years they’ve maintained a professional exchange and friendship that is a testament to its beginnings at Antioch.

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