Sunny D Sees Big Growth Through Big Data

We recently wrote about the push for more data-driven decision making among America’s top businesses. This trend is driving demand for managers who can interpret data and translate it into actionable business strategy. Recently, CIO magazine reported on one firm that effectively leveraged data to increase sales by roughly $2 million per year. Here is a bit of what they wrote:

Analytics software has helped Sunny Delight Beverages boost profits by roughly $2 million a year and trim $195,000 in staffing costs annually, says CIO Shawn Roberts. The cloud application, which Roberts settled on with the help of several business managers, allows the company’s business departments to determine the investment for promotions as well as make adjustments to curb wasteful spending on overtime and pricey transportation options. 

You can read the full article from CIO here.

Stories like this are precisely why Antioch University Midwest offers a management degree with a data analytics concentration and a Data Analytics Certificate program for existing management professionals. AUM created these programs to prepare business leaders for the job marketplace of tomorrow, which is rapidly becoming the job marketplace of today. The more firms connect data analysis with success, the more they will seek out managers who can use data effectively.

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