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AULA’s graduate psychology program is taking students to the south of France to study Buddhism, psychology, and the culture of the area. This is the third year AULA is hosting the study abroad trip and the first year it’s open to all the Antioch University students and alumni. The trip is scheduled during the break between spring and summer quarters, June 21 to 28, with an optional two extra days.

“I have had the privilege of joining in this excursion twice now, and have witnessed our students’ experiences during their stay at the Institut Vajra Yogini (IVY),” says Joy Turek, Chair of the Graduate Program in Clinical Psychology. “Seven days spent meditating, doing yoga, eating fresh vegetarian food with each other, and taking Psychology and Buddhism classes, all in the beautiful French countryside, generate deep and lasting transformations.”

The experience of cultural immersion begins the eve of summer solstice in France with a celebration of The Fête de la Musique in the nearby town of Lavaur. Fête de la Musique is an annual music festival which takes place all around the world, and originated in France. Participants have the opportunity to mix with local people in a warm, slightly raucous, and truly French manner.

Participants will also visit a nearby monastery, populated by Buddhist monks from all over the world, and take a day trip to the south of France to either Carcassonne, a medieval fortress, or Aix, a city founded in 123 BC. Time is provided to explore the French countryside by foot or bicycle during students’ stay.

Students can earn three units of academic credits and financial aid may be available for both the course fee and exploration costs. Registration for this course occurs through April 19. Additional information can be found here, or contact Joy Turek at [email protected].

`A bientôt.

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