Study Abroad Trip Heads to Sweden, Sustainability Role Model, in May

Sweden, a world leader in sustainability, is the destination of the Antioch University New England (AUNE) MBA in Sustainability’s Study Abroad Trip, May 4; 11, 2013. Through the course, students will explore how cities in western Sweden have planned, designed, and built systems that incorporate renewable energy, sustainable development, urban food development, and eco-municipalities.

Torjborn Lahti, a Swedish expert in eco-municipalities, and Polly Chandler, chair of AUNE’s Department of Management, will lead the trip and teach the course, as participants travel to Gothenburg, Falkenberg, Helsingborg, and Malmo. Highlights include a visit to the world’s largest wave power plant, a wind farm, and a biogas plant; tours of passive houses and talks with an eco-architect; and tours of urban agriculture sites.  An optional trip to Samsoe, Denmark, an island community that uses 100 percent renewable energy, is available.

The course is open to any student on all Antioch University campuses.

The course also includes a pre-trip meeting on April 6. Registration deadline is February 4.  Sign up for and learn more about Sustainable Development, Energy, and Eco-Municipalities in Sweden here.

The first MBA in Sustainability study trip to Sweden was in May 2011. You can read about it here. Read about the 2012 study trip, to Peru, here.


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